Benefits of Traveling on Foot

As promised, today we did a morning walk at Jonker Street to snap some nice photos. And for breakfast of course. Accommodation here is cheap but food? A big no-no for us. A bowl of Tom Yam soup for two, two plates of rice, and two mineral water cost us RM38 ($10USD). For Malaysian, we know this is damn expensive!

So we went to the nearest ‘Mamak’, which took us about twenty minutes of walking. Along the way, we stopped by whenever we found a beautiful frame and waited for the right subject to enter.

We greeted the locals and exchanged smiles. Jonker people are early risers. Honestly, the vibe is awesome! The weird part is, even though it is a town but the friendly locals made it felt like we were in some sort of village. You felt welcome here. They are happy people who love what they do for a living. You can tell that they are very proud of their hometown.

Heading back to the hostel after breakfast, we passed by some parking areas. Wondering how much it cost per hours or days sparks a realization about how convenient it was to travel on foot:

  • Definitely, we save more budgets on fuels and parking fees
  • No hustle to find parking area during peak hours and holiday
  • Better health, better stamina. We definitely sweat more than driving. Duh!
  • A better bonding experience. We converse along the way, hold hands and discuss life
  • Better interaction with the locals
  • Better sleep. Yup, after a long day walk, just like after working out you got those boost of happy hormones and they are very helpful for a good quality sleep
  • You will become masters of public transportation. In fact masters of traveling with minimal budgets. You will know the routes, the platforms, the specific ticket counters and how long will it take to arrive the destinations. It comes naturally.
  • You gotta enjoy the beautiful landscape. Each place has something to offer, either in city or countryside. Walking gives you time to get lost in the view for a much longer period

What about heat and dehydration? Talking about living in the Asian country, we never walk outdoor after twelve at noon. The best time is other than 12pm to 5pm. Simply follow the Golden Hour rules plus night time and bring your own water supply, like a lot.

Thank you for your time and here is another cool snap we got at our hostel. Look at the bottom of it, Victor wrote something very wise.

“There is no strangers in this world, only friends who haven’t met”

Victor, who are you really? Hope to meet you one day.


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