Long Night Walk at Jonker Street, Malacca

Wow, finally our first post blogging about something present. The first few posts were about throwing back some fond memories and digging deep into a personal journal.

Tadaa! This post is about today. Last night we were talking about our next blogging content, and it seems that we do need to practice backpacking and slow traveling before going to Europe. Okay, please do not laugh, but we are so new about the backpacker thingy. So, this trip we decided to try out living in a hostel.

We chose Malacca because of Jonker Street, it is a good place to practice the art of seeing photographically. Like killing two birds with one stone. We gotta learn:

  • How to travel light on backpack relying only on public transport
  • What was it like to live in a hostel
  • iPhone photography

Travel light, we kinda nailed it. We bought an extra shirt, jeans, a towel, and toiletries. We booked a room for two people for RM44 ($11USD). It is the cheapest deal for two people available through booking.com.

Here we made a mistake by not browsing the options. The room is cheap but with fan and no air-conditioner and a shared bathroom.

In Malacca, that is kinda a big deal. It is so hot here day and night! We have tried to tolerate the heat by drinking lots and lots of water but hell no. So we upgraded to an AC room and pay for extra RM26 ($6USD) with an attached bathroom and shower. We decided not to be too hard on ourselves for the first time.

We learned a lesson the hard way. A simple step to make a comparison of the first few options you have can save you money. We did find a better deal at booking.com later, a bunk-bed in a room with AC for only RM50 ($13USD).

iPhone photography? Wow, a word of respect for all iPhone photographers! It was not easy to rely entirely on iPhone to take shots. More on this later.

Here are some shots we took yesterday, not much because we did the walk only at night. We rented bikes and cycled during the day, not really a good decision for photo hunting. Cycling is so fast pace, walking will do the trick. But hey we did enjoy the ride!

This morning we will definitely do some more long walk before checking out at 11am. Hope to get more decent shots to show you how beautiful this town is. Thank you for your time and take care.


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