Cake Buffet in Penang, Malaysia

Welcome to China House. A local restaurant in our country; Malaysia. Specifically, in George Town. A town in the state of Penang, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2008. A place that attracted tourists and backpackers from all around the world all year round.

We went there in 2015 with a friend as a weekend getaway. From Kuala Lumpur, it took four hours to reach there by car. That is not during peak season.

Our friend knew that we love food and photography, he said we should definitly visit China House.

Having high expectation, the entrance to this place is not doing a very good job. But wait until you step inside.

Oh, my goodness! now take the time and feast your eyes with this beautiful cake buffet. The majestic aroma of freshly brewed espresso welcoming us in the front door made the experience even better.

11012468_1048885001806243_1549319796107966566_oA spectacular arrangement of cakes. Strikingly eye-catching, this display-style gave us the feeling of home. Pleasant, friendly, and cozy. Those red-ribbons really did it! (taken in 2015)

The whole place was picturesque and instagrammable. We were astonished by the decoration and ambiance it offers. Arts was everywhere. They did a great job restoring the building from nothing to one hell of a masterpiece. It is so well designed that professional photographers took wedding shot here (with fees of course). The whole place is massive, they got sections for you to dine in, art gallery, garden, and even live band performance at certain nights. If we were not too tired from the long hour drive, we will roam around and shoot more photos.

10827987_1048834318477978_3920619955135442645_oCanteen-style dining area. They used paper instead of the normal tablecloth. Why? Look at the picture below (taken in 2015)

11187148_1048842535143823_3986374623607532358_oThey encouraged guests to express the artists within them. This is Liyana trying to draw something. If they find your art impressive, it will be exhibited among the chosen ones at their wall of fame (taken in 2015)

11958231_10153562684937973_8093722221255033472_o.jpgLiyana at the garden (taken in 2015)

11136179_1048842751810468_5409919546993944698_oFunny toilet sign (taken in 2015)

The entrance, do you agree with us? (taken in 2015)


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