Our Food Story

As much as we love photography and travel, food is something that we could never take our eyes off. We are not professional chefs, but merely a couple who enjoy eating and cooking good food. Want to know how much our life involved around food? Let us start the story with this one girl with a dream.


Liyana is so passionate about pastry, she once dreamt of becoming a patisserie. She self-taught to bake at such a young age through Google and Youtube. At eighteen, almost all of her earning from various part-time jobs was spent on practicing baking skills at home.

Despite her passion for pursuing culinary, she ended up doing Law Degree at a local university for five years. Never gave up on her dream, in 2013 finally she was accepted into Culinary School in a local university and married the love of her life; Fauzan.

IMG_6686This is us, Liyana & Fauzan at our first house (taken in 2013)

Camera 360Liyana was the oldest in her class, most of her friends were eighteen while she was twenty-three. Those missing years of her life doing Law were finally paid off (taken in 2013)

Some memories in Pastry class with Madam Aishah; the one who encouraged Liyana to dream big (taken in 2013)

Life happened, she left after eighteen months of culinary training. Not being able to complete either Law or Culinary crushed her big time. Heartbroken, she left culinary behind.


Anyhow, life must go on, we pursue photography together in 2014. In early 2015, magic happened! We met an incredibly talented chef who owned a local western cafe. We collaborated to help him with online marketing.

The project went well, more customers are coming to dine there and they urgently needed extra helping hands. We jumped in as dishwashers and did double jobs as marketer and photographer.

During our spare-time, he taught us to cook Italian Cuisine, Pastry, and Western Meals using Sous-vide method. Eight months of hands-on training was mind-blowing! We could never forget his kindness.

Mostly for Fauzan, whom never thought of having an interest other than photography. But there he was, working his ass off making burger patty and burger bun from scratch. Despite having no culinary background, he did great! One way to describe this experience is, we did work like hell. Never ever underestimate Food & Beverages business.

The chef is a master in food styling, we were honored to be given the opportunity to photograph his works. (taken in 2015)PIB BORDER

Going with the flow, in December 2016 we embarked on the next project. We ran a mini ice-cream factory under the brand, Bano Creamery where Liyana had the opportunity to be the Recipe Developer.

This project meant a lot to us, thus we will dedicate a full-length story of it in the future.

From 2016 to 2017, we did our very best to make it work. Those two years were a total blast! We challenged ourselves to stick to using only natural ingredients, totally ditched artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives.

We developed a greater interest in understanding food. Learning how much sugary food does harm to our generations, we change the current towards using raw cane sugar and gluten-free recipes. It was glorious when we managed to open our own mini cafe for Bano Creamery.

Nevertheless, no matter how much we hate to say goodbye life must go on, we shut down the company in December 2017 breaking so many hearts including our own.

Our ice-cream in jars, these products had been distributed around Peninsular Malaysia. See Fauzan smiling with cartons of full cream milk (taken in 2016)

A year later, we successfully open a mini ice-cream cafe in front of our mini factory, it was a joyful experience to decorate in limited space. Challenging but really fun! (taken in 2017)

IMG_6709Our Fudgy Brownies Ice-cream served in a cup. We made brownies from scratch and break it down into custard mixture (taken in 2017)

IMG_6701Among our loyal patrons, love you guys! (taken in 2017)


Not knowing what the future holds, we think that now is the best time to do what we were longing to do. Asking ourselves this one question over and over again for two months,

“If you are going to die tomorrow, what will you do?”

We both agreed to travel the world and embrace our long lost photography skills. Through traveling, we wanted to learn how to cook in other countries using fresh produce from local farmers. Go to local groceries as we will be traveling on tight budgets. Understanding their staples food from the local point of view and collecting recipes from all around the world. We might write an e-book, who knows right?

Basically, that is our food story. Thank you for making this far. Hope you gain some courage to pursue your dreams. We are still so far away from achieving anything. If we were to conclude on this failure upon failure, there is one thing for sure, persistence is in our blood. In any event, always find the good in yourselves, love yourself enough to do just that or nobody else will. Stay motivated and take care!


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