Our Photography Journey

The photo above showing an old Chinese man diligently repairing a watch by far is our most favorite shot ever. Looking at it brings out a lot of good memories, mostly about how much we love photography. Even though it was taken in 2014 and now four years have gone by, still no shot can replace its place, yet.

The heart of this page is circling on our passion in photography. Make it travel or food, we find that stories told with photographs convey greater and deeper meaning. Neither masters nor experts, we hope by sharing our artworks will help us sharpen our crafts. This is how we begin.


IMG_6674.jpgThey say the best camera is what you have in hands, could not agree more with that. Nikon D5100 is our first gear, we brought her along wherever we go for four years. Now she is in a good hand, we will miss you very dearly (taken in 2018)

Still, remember the first time holding on DSLR back in 2014. Bought it using our life-saving money and straight away signed up for Portraiture Photography Workshop on the same day. We were blessed with a wonderful teacher who taught us the basic lesson. Learning from experts is definitely the best way to save a great deal of time wasting on trials and errors.

That was the first time we heard the terms aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Those sounded so alien-like, we laughed at every time we think how lost we were in the jungle not having a clue about what they were talking.

Since then, we kept on spending money attending hands-on photography workshops with professionals. We familiarized ourselves with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. We used the same camera and finally sold it in February 2018 together with our favorite lens; the nifty-fifty; AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8G.

It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to her. As for now, we do not own any DSLR and depending entirely on handphone for taking photos.

1921092_272331259593433_552865504_oOur first portraiture was taken on the day we bought the camera (taken in 2014)

IMG_6672Fauzan with The Uppermost; outstanding international world-class photographers from Indonesia. He attended four hours workshop with them (taken in 2014)

Fauzan attended hands-on Wedding Photography Workshop with Saiful Nang Academy of Photography (SNAP) for three days. Saiful Nang is a photographer for Royal Brunei Wedding, we were honored to be given an opportunity to learn directly from him and humbled with his life work (taken in 2014)

IMG_6651Fauzan & Liyana meeting up with Zulkefli Zain also known as Acai, learning his life experience and getting career advice. He is one of Malaysian prominent Cinematographer, Steadicam Operator, and Photographer hired by international brands and television station. He has a very exceptional career profile, you guys should check him out (taken in 2014)PIB BORDER

All these little knowledge and experiences we had gained through various workshops and seminars gave us the strength and courage to open up our own mini studio. We took photography seriously and made it into our careers. The experience was very brutal and put our being at a lot of risks. However, that was a life-changing decision we never regret making.

We were actively running our studio for two years up until 2016 then embarked on a different field until 2018. Despite slowing down for several years, our passion for photography never dies. Now we made a decision to throw in all of our energy back to photography.

This was our first mini 10 x 11 square feet studio located at Sri Gombak. We put up a simple setup at the corner of the room where we sat down for long hours on the red chair doing editing works. On the right,  is the picture of our noob studio lighting setup, as you can see we were only using fluorescent lights and everything was made from scratch at a minimum budget (taken in 2014)

We know that there are so much more to learn to become better photographers and traveling the world might get the job done. Just could not wait to share our journey with you guys! Here are among the projects we did within those two extensive years, hope you enjoy our story. Thank you for making this far.


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